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Yan Jiao


Dear all,


I’m trying to solve  my copynumber segmentation problem using aroma affymetrix, according to the Vignette



I created a folder : rawData ,under my working directory, and inside that folder I created another folder Mapping50K_Hind240 , inside which I put my 600ish .cel file

Isn’t it correct?


Then I did :


ds <- doCRMAv1("R:/work/breast/breast data files/MYC/rawData", chipType="Mapping50K_Hind240")


(“R:/work/breast/breast data files/MYC/” is my working directory)


Why I got the error message:


Error in list(`doCRMAv1("R:/work/breast/breast data files/MYC/rawData", chipType = "Mapping50K_Hind240")` = <environment>,  :


[2010-11-18 16:41:10] Exception: Could not locate a file for this chip type: Mapping50K_Hind240

  at throw(Exception(...))

  at throw.default("Could not locate a file for this chip type: ", paste(c(chipType, tags), collapse = ","))

  at throw("Could not locate a file for this chip type: ", paste(c(chipType, tags), collapse = ","))

  at method(static, ...)

  at AffymetrixCdfFile$byChipType(chipType)

  at method(static, ...)

  at AffymetrixCelSet$byName(dataSet, ..., verbose = less(verbose, 50), .onUnknownArgs = "ignore")

  at doCRMAv1.character("R:/work/breast/breast data files/MYC/rawData", chipType = "Mapping50K_Hind240")

  at doCRMAv1("R:/work/breast/breast data files/MYC/rawData", chipType = "Mapping50K_Hind240")





could anyone enlighten me please?



Many thanks



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